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{January 16, 2008}   Two Blogs in One Day

***** Again, this blog was originally posted on January 2, 2008 on MySpace ****** 

Two blogs in one day! I know… 2008 really is going to be an awesome year. Its magic is working already.

My last blog was a more negative subject, so this one is going to be all positives. I have always loved New Years because it is a blank slate. It’s a chance to dream big about how you want to live your life and all the things you want to accomplish in the coming year. Every year I am unabashedly optimistic that I will keep all my resolutions, and you know what? Sometimes I do. So here’s a new set for this new year.

(I will mention that this entry was inspired by KC who took the time to come up with a wonderful well thought out set of seven, so I am going to do the same, giving credit where credit is due.)

1. I’m going to start journaling again. I used to journal all the time and I love looking back at those old entries, remembering things I’d forgotten long ago. I like taking the time to sort out my thoughts and put them on paper, by hand, in a beautiful leather bound book. I need to remember that I can write without editing. Who cares if it might be embarrasing later on? Or if the prose isn’t perfect. Journaling is about life and life can be messy.

2. I want to compliment my husband at least once every day. He makes me feel so loved and I want him to know all the things I appreciate about him, from the way he cleans the snow off my car so I won’t have to do it, to the way he introduces me to fun stuff I wouldn’t have found on my own, to the way he always reaches out to hug me, no matter what else I’m doing.

3. I want to be diligent about setting a time for spirituality and honoring it, whether that comes in the form of visiting a local church or the Buddhist temple around the corner, or sitting and meditating. Too often this part of my life gets pushed aside by other parts that are more demanding — more vocal and pushy — but spirituality is quiet and can easily be ignored. I’m not going to let myself ignore it.

4. I will start getting up earlier. Even though it feels like it will kill me, I will do it.

5. Yes, it’s true, we all have to put exercise on our list. I want to be diligent about this and I’m starting today right after I write this blog. (Honest, I really am!)..

6. I will go on a fun non-family oriented vacation. Family can be wonderful but in this day and age, they’re everywhere! I have family in Maine, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, California, Texas… My husband gets twelve vacation days a year. I couldn’t visit them all if I tried. Every year it’s too easy to let family come first to the point where my husband and I don’t go anywhere new to see the world and relax together. This is definitely a priority this year. And no, book related conferences don’t count as vacation!

7. Hmm… lucky number seven. To tell you the truth, these were all of the ones I had in mind thus far, so now I need to add one more. I want to be a blessing to my friends, even those who are far away and/or have young kids now, which can make it harder to keep in touch. But I am so appreciative of them. The older I get, the more I realize that your friends are often the people who love you even more than your family. To have friends you can count on to care about you and celebrate with you and commiserate with you is such a huge gift, and I want to be more purposeful about telling them I care. Cards, surprise packages, phone calls when its possible, visits when we can… I will try to be creative in the ways I say thanks for all that they give me.

Happy 2008 everyone!

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