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{January 16, 2008}   The Blog in Which My Husband Gets Hit by a Bus

***** Originally posted January 5, 2008 on MySpace ******* 

Yesterday my husband got hit by a bus.

Yes, it’s true, but don’t worry, he’s fine. He was on his way to work and the bus didn’t even see him. It plowed right into his car as he was stopped at a stop sign and took a huge chunk out of the left front of the vehicle. Bus was not scratched. Our car, totaled.

Now, there are several little lecturey things I have to say about this. The first is that my husband, like my father, has a horrible habit of putting his seat belt on while driving. His philosophy is that, a) he forgets, and b) he doesn’t think he’ll get in an accident during the first three minutes or so of driving. But this accident happened within sight of our house on roads that 98% of the time are completely and utterly empty. It was a clear, non-snowy day and if he had been asked the odds of his getting in an accident upon leaving the house I’m sure he would have said ZERO percent.

The second thing I have to say about this is that sometimes it’s really hard being an optimist. Not only was his car totaled, but when we went out to start my car so I could drive him to work, it didn’t start. My car chose THAT moment for the battery to die. What are the chances? I am trying to tell myself this is not an ominous start to 2008 but there’s this little part of my brain that wants to run away in panic. The optimist part says, “count your blessings, the bus didn’t plow into the driver’s side door instead of the front of the vehicle”, the pessimist part says, “true, but don’t walk under any anvils”.


So there it is, 2008 is underway.


I am glad to here he is fine! That is something to look at optimistically!

Just think with the end of 2007 that you experienced with family health etc. 2008 has to get better.


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