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{June 29, 2007}   Ebb and Flow

There’s a pronounced ebb and flow to being an author. At times, a lot is happening and you feel very connected to your books, and then things will drift off into silence until you feel as if you’ve never written a book.

This has been very true with my latest novel, The Garden of Eve. Weeks ago I received the galleys and read through them to make any last changes. Cover art is done. Editing is done. Yet it’s too soon for sales or much advance publicity. Too soon for reviews or Amazon sales figures. It’s the quiet before the storm.

Then all at once, in the past week I’ve gotten three seperate requests for my participation in magazines and web sites that want to feature The Garden of Eve in some way either prior to or after its publication. I feel myself waking up from the sleepy satisfaction of having been “done” and getting that familiar pins and needles feeling back again. This is when an author must resist the urge to continually check for those first on-line reviews. Must. Not. Obsessively. Check. Amazon. Take a deep breath.

There’s a hopefulness and an excitement when things are happening. One that (when times are good) can lend itself to the new book you’re struggling to edit or one that can (when times are bad) threaten to derail your concentration. In this case, it’s breathing a little bit of life into my writing process so I’m going to hope this lasts. More likely though, things will settle down yet again. With months to go before an October pub date, I’ve still got lots more time to wait out…


{June 6, 2007}   Tagged

I was reading John Green’s blog and this actually looked like fun so I thought, “Why not? I’m procrastinating this morning, aren’t I?” So here goes:


Each player of this game starts with “6 weird thing/ habits about you.” People who get tagged need to post a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state that rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Dont forget to leave a comment that says “You’ve been tagged” and tell them to read your blog.

1. I get ketchup cravings and plan entire meals around this condiment.

2. I have an irrational fear of merging.

3. On the day I was born, my uncle found a four leaf clover while waiting outside the hospital and gave it to my mom, and on the day I got married my husband found a four leaf clover and gave it to me. It’s in my wedding album.

4. When I was a kid, I was in the Lionel Richie fan club.

5. I grew up on land that was part of the Borden estate (where they used to make Borden’s ice cream). I lived right next to the abandoned cow barn in a building that was once Mr. Borden’s dance hall.

6. I’ve met Paul Simon, Stephen King, Bonnie Raitt, Claire Danes, Scott Hamilton, Stephen Baldwin, Lorne Micheals, and Geraldo. 

I realize I’m supposed to tag people by name, but that’s just annoying, so if there are any six readers out there who want to post this on their own blogs, go for it.

I just got back from the Writer’s Digest conference and Book Expo of America… They were both in NYC, held at the Javitz center. I’ve got cool photos to upload when I’m not exhausted. But these were the highlights:

* meeting my Writer’s Digest editor for the first time (she’s cool! I really, really like her!)

* the person who raised their hand during the Q&A part of my speech just to say how much they liked it (thank you! People rarely do that…)

* signing galleys of The Garden of Eve and hearing comments about Saint Iggy, not just Fat Kid Rules the World

* staying in Times Square!

* running into so many awesome people at BEA that I hadn’t seen in ages

* meeting the women who run the Glimmer Train literary journal because they are very cool people

* dinner at ESPN zone because the food was surprisingly good and who can resist floor to ceiling TV screens??

* going to a Mets game for the first time since I was a kid

Here are the parts that I could have done without:

* blisters on my feet from so much standing and walking all day in uncomfortable shoes

* getting up at 5 AM

* the heat and the crush of people in the Javitz center

* the kid who snored through the entire second act of Phantom of the Opera

* the two hour wait for dinner after the silent auction and not being able to bid on any of the amazing art because it was (rightfully) expensive

* wanting to sleep for a week now that I’m home, but needing to start writing my next speech because it’s this coming weekend! Eek! Oh, and there’s a book in here somewhere I’m supposed to be working on…

Anyway, that’s the easy rundown. Pictures will hopefully follow soon!!

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