Collected Wisps of Thought

{January 11, 2007}   2007 – Year of the Routine

I’m making an official declaration.

I hereby declare 2007 the year of the routine.

Don’t worry, this applies only to me. I’ve decided that some normalcy and a healthy dose of boring would not be such a bad thing this year. I’ve always been the type who wanted to go everywhere and do everything — exist in the middle of a swirling cloud of excitement — but truly I think I’ve done ‘boring’ a disservice. I’ve underrated it. These days I find myself asking, “What’s so bad about boring?”

Maybe it’s because last year was really crazy. Moving, getting married, getting married, moving… well, isn’t that enough? This year, I’d like to settle into some of those routines people talk about — not a rut, but comfortable patterns. I’d like to say that every Thursday my husband and I have lunch together and every Friday is date night and every Sunday is the day we relax and do no work whatsoever. Then, when people say, “Well, can’t you do such and such on Thursday or Friday or Sunday?” I could look at them and sigh wistfully and say, “No, I’m sorry but my calendar is full.”

And it would be. 

I’d like my calendar to be packed with the little things. Trips to the gym made without debate, afternoon tea on cold days, starting the woodstove every weekend in the winter. Then I’d like to honor those dates the same way I honor the dates marked “Conference” or “Author visit” or “Trip to visit relatives”. Because really, daydreaming must be accomplished on schedule. I’d hate to fall behind. And there’s no catching up once my stack of unread books gets too high.

So, here’s to 2007… may it be dull, boring, predictable, and routine.

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