Collected Wisps of Thought

{January 7, 2007}   My Cat Is Stalking My Toaster

Okay, really the title says it all.

Here’s what happened: My cat, Pippin, is a vigilant mouser. Since I live out in the country, his territory tends to include my kitchen. I don’t know how the mice manage to get in, but they do. Anyway, tonight as Pippin chased a mouse across the kitchen he knocked over our toaster. (For all you animal lovers, don’t worry, the mouse got away!)

When the toaster fell, Pippin became convinced that the mouse must be IN the toaster. He then proceeded to stick his nose and paw as far into the toast slots as he possibly could. We unplugged it and cleaned out all the crumbs, but the Battle of the Toaster had officially begun.

The toaster struck next, somehow entrapping Pippin’s paw so that he had to drag the appliance across the kitchen floor in order to free himself. Finally, my husband and I turned the toaster upside down and left it on the floor where it could cause no more havoc.

Still, just moments ago I walked into the kitchen to find Pip crouched low, tail swishing, sneaking up inch by inch on the unsuspecting toatser.


Such is life at my house.

I’ll trade you. My cat broke one of my votive holders this morning and now I’ve got this half-burned blob of wax that doesn’t fit into any of the other holders…

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