Collected Wisps of Thought

{December 5, 2006}   Happy Holidays

I am feeling very holidayish lately. In fact, I am feeling so holidayish that even a huge revision can not dampen my spirits. Revisions have a way of doing that. I get very emotional about them, often deciding I’m the worst writer who ever lived and there is no way everyone in the world won’t trash this book.

It’s hard not to play into that game of fatalistic thinking, but at times I am able to find and hold some perspective. What if this really is the worst book ever written? Well, then maybe they’d make a movie about me, like Ed Wood and the book would become a cult classic.

Or maybe in the end, it doesn’t matter as much as I think that it does. Of course books matter. Writing matters. Stories matter. I’m not saying they don’t, but what I am saying is that life matters too. How I live mine and how you live yours.

That’s why this holiday, come what may, I’m determined not to get mired in drama, politics, stress, fatalism, squabbles, or any such other negativity. Life is too short.

So, happy holidays, everyone. May we all stay focused on what’s truly important.


Jay says:

I feel weird admitting this, but your revision anxiety really lifted my spirits today. I’m going through revisions for my very first to-be-published book and am experiencing the same concerns. It’s nice to know that even award-winning authors like you feel this way. Or is it sad to know that I’ll never grow out of it? Hmm…

Either way, happy holidays!

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