Collected Wisps of Thought

{October 10, 2006}   Loving Your Characters

So, is it lame to love your characters?

I mean, of course you should love them as you’re writing, but is it lame to love them after you’re done writing and the book is on the bookshelves and the critics have said what they liked and didn’t like, and readers have responded, and marketers have promoted, but still you feel like this character is someone you love? Like you really know them and think about them and wish you could spend more time with them?

Today I quoted Iggy in an e-mail to my editor. It was one of those accidental quotes that just happened, but it made me smile and I thought, “I am so glad I created Iggy”. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have created him. I just think Iggy is the coolest, most lovable guy and I’m glad I have this connection to him. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about him. I mean, I’d love the book to be successful, but when it comes to Iggy the character, it’s just unconditional love.

It’s a wierd maternal feeling.

Or maybe it’s the same feeling you get from having a best friend. Your best friend is associated with you, and other people can know them too, but you’re the one who shares secrets with that person. You know all their hidden crevices and you genuinely like them for who they are.

That’s kind of what it feels like, only the person isn’t real. You made them up.

Hmmm. Well, when I put it that way… yes. Definitely lame.  


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