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{September 13, 2006}   Absurd Uses of Sex in Advertising – #1

Okay. This whole “let’s use sex to sell EVERYTHING” deal is getting a little bit old, don’t you think? I mean, A) I am smart enough to know that the hamburger I eat will not get me laid and B) once everyone on the planet is doing something isn’t it time to start phasing out the trend? Why do the same old thing again and again?

Here’s the Absurd Use of Sex in Advertising winner of the week:

Sex to sell student loan consolidation services.

WHAT IN THE WORLD does consolidating your student loan have to do with sex??? Yet, here’s how they work it in… “Looking for a quickie?” You mean a quick way to… consolidate my… what???  This is ridiculous. I would like to officially state my opinion that this is ridiculous. Student loans are not sexy, consolidating them will not be an orgasmic experience. Don’t try and tell me it will be. I am way smarter than that.

And for the record, no, I do not remember the name of the company who is offering said consolidation.

awsome says:

hmmmmm WHATEVA

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