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{September 6, 2006}   KL Going Mailing List – September

(If you’re not on my mailing list and would like to be, send me a message. Otherwise, I’ll post the mailings in my blog after I send them out…)

Hi Everyone,

September has arrived and Saint Iggy is making its debut!

So far, Iggy has received two starred reviews which you can read on the Reviews page of my web site. While you’re there, don’t miss the Saint Iggy Podcast on the Non-Lame Stuff page. I talk about the writing process and read one of my favorite chapters from the book. Check it out at:

For those of you who have read or will soon be reading Saint Iggy, I’d like to borrow Joss Whedon’s intro to the Serenity screening… “If this movie matters to you, let somebody know.  Let everybody know. Make yourselves heard.  If you don’t like the movie, this is a time for quiet. For months of silent contemplation.”

Just replace “movie” with “book”. ;-]

Seriously though, if you like the book, I’d love to hear from you on the forum ( Or if you’re an Amazon or Barnes & user, take the time to write a review. Tell a friend, especially if that friend happens to be your local librarian or bookseller. It truly makes a difference. A book is nothing without its readers.

Thanks again,


P.S. Next month I hope to be able to write some definitive news about the Fat Kid movie rights, which are being renegotiated. Fingers crossed! Also, watch for the audio book release in October, read by award winning narrator Stephen Hoye.

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