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{June 13, 2006}   Interview with Ginger Knowlton

Attention all you aspiring writers! I just posted an interview with Ginger Knowlton of Curtis Brown, Ltd on my web site.

Ginger is such an amazing agent. I should know — not only does she represent my books, but I used to work as her assistant. She's funny, talented, smart… I highly recommend her.

You can find the interview at: on the Writer's Resource Page.

And while you're there, don't forget to join the forum and introduce yourself!


I had to miss the SCBWI, Florida conference where Ginger Knowlton was a scheduled speaker; so, having scanned the name to see if I could get some links and credible info, I ran across your site listing an interview ofwith Ginger…

I’ve never had an agent before, I have no major publication, but I do have several minor works ranging from letters to the editor, contributing author, and a couple of small, self-published, non-distributed books.
My last published pieces were with the late Al Aronowitz in his BLACKLISTED JOURNALIST pages.

I do have a childrens book, THE BUTTERFLY, THE BEE & THE SPIDER in five different editions… I’d really like someone to take that one over. I constructed it thru that LULU web-site and ended up with a book that I couldn’t even afford to buy! It is out on the market with both an ISBN and LCCN number attached.

Now, I have just finished a new manuscript. This one is for a more mature readership; and I find, again, you just have to have an agent to even have a chance to submit a manuscript. No one is accepting unsolicited
work. I have a ton of material of which, maybe about 5% is submissable.

How in the world do I find an agent? I have heard all sorts of horror stories. What is the proper way to seek one out, and what should I expect from one?

Now, I’ll go read your interview… and I’ve probably put the cart in front of the horse, again!

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